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The Last Division

ROAD TO NAHA — The Sugar Loaf Complex has fallen. Elements of the Division are shown here advancing on Naha, capital of Okinawa Shima. It was already one beaten up city, thanks to air power, naval gunfire and our own artillery. Though not held in strength by the Japanese, there was enough fighting ahead for everyone.

One Battle

It was September of 1944. The First Provisional Marine Brigade had come to the "Canal to rest, refit and train" for whatever would come next. The battle of Guam behind them, the men of the 4th and 22nd Marine Regiments and supporting troops found themselves in a brand new outfit. They were to be the base of the soon to be evolved Sixth Marine Division.

They didn't know where they would fight next or that their new division would be the last created by the Marines. All they could be sure of was that thousands of Marines from all over would be pouring onto the island to join them, and there would be hard fighting ahead. Another campaign, another island, some had been at it since August of 1942.

As it turned out, they had one big battle ahead of them. In less than two years the division was disbanded. But not before distinguishing themselves like few have done before or since.

This website preserves the memory of what these men accomplished. And what they sacrificed. We are forever grateful.

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Sixth Marine Division Association

The Sixth Marine Division Association is the organization these Marines created for themselves after the war. Along with the Marines we are privileged to have still in our ranks, the group now includes their lineal descendants and other admirers. We dedicate ourselves to keeping the history of the Sixth Marine Division alive.