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Featured Book: Take China: The Last of the China Marines by Harold Stephens (29th Mar-2-F)

    Take China is a fictional story of a young Marine private serving in China immediately after World War II. Written by travel and adventure writer Harold Stephens, who served with the 29th Marines on Okinawa and during the occupation of China, it deals with a time that has been largely forgotten: China before the Communist takeover.

    Stephens explains why he wrote the book: “I felt it was a story that had to be told. History is being re-written and facts are becoming lost... The world turmoil we are facing today is nothing new. As young Marines we faced terrorists, dealt with human rights and learned child abuse in its worst form. As young 17 and 18-year old Marines in China we faced a whole communist nation, and we did it alone..."

More Books

The View from My Foxhole
by Tom Jones

The memoir of a Marine whose war began on Samoa in 1943, continued on Engebi and Guam where he was assigned to the 22nd Marines and served on the front lines, and ended on Okinawa where he served as Battalion Quartermaster.

Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War
by William Manchester

The title refers to the nightmares Manchester suffered long after the battle of Okinawa, in which he was severely injured. Years later in an effort to erase his nightmares, Manchester visits each island where the Marines fought in World War II including Guadalcanal, Tarawa, New Guinea, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.

The Right Kind of War
by John McCormick

Told from the perspective of a Marine Private, this is a novel about a group of young Marines coming of age during World War II. Not just any Marines, they are Marine Raiders who were later consolidated into the 4th Marines.

Terrible Terry: Just a Marine
by Howard Terry (29th Mar-2-F)

A refreshing autobiography by Howard Terry. It tells of his experience as an enlisted Marine in the Pacific and provides an eyewitness account of the Battle of Okinawa. It also covers his life before and after the war.

Letters from the Attic: Save the
Last Dance for Me

by Charles Young (15th Mar-HQ-H&S)

Rummaging through his attic, Charles Young came across a box of letters from the early 1940s. These include letters from family, friends, and other service men during World War II. Together they paint an endearing picture of American life during World War II.

Luck of the Draw
by Charles Young (15th Mar-HQ-H&S)

An account of the Sixth Marine Division in the Battle of Okinawa.