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Micha Crumbie, grandson of Watson Crumbie (29th Mar-1-C), with the Division Colors at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum in San Diego
Division Colors Destined for Quantico

Pictured left is the original Sixth Marine Division flag. The one that flew over division headquarters and the division cemetery on Okinawa. The one that was carried by the color guard alongside the U.S. flag in the streets of China and at the Japanese surrender ceremony in Tsingtao. The one that was retired when the division was disbanded. Thanks to the efforts of the late Jack Hoag (6th Jasco), the flag was restored, framed and donated to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum (MCRDM) in San Diego many years ago. The colors are no longer on display there, but if you ask the staff, they will let you see them. (Look for the door marked Museum Staff on the first floor.)

We are grateful to the MCRDM for caring for the colors. However, the National Museum of the Marine Corps (NMMC) is the natural home for the flag. We are happy to report that the NMMC has agreed to accept and conserve the colors and consider them for display once the expansion of the museum is complete in 2018. In addition, they will pay for the shipping and conservation work. Until then, the colors will remain in safekeeping in San Diego.