Sixth Marine Division
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Below is a list of Sixth Division Marines who we believe are still among us. IT IS NOT 100% ACCURATE.
It is based on the best information we have as of April 11, 2016 and undoubtedly includes some Marines whose deaths have not been reported to us. Also, it is missing Marines who are not members of the Sixth Marine Division Association. We sincerely apologize for any errors.

Please report deaths or errors and direct questions to our Membership Manager Flo Dornan -- or (817) 275-1552.

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Abernathy, Charles E. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Ackerman, Robert E. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Adams, Sam -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Addison, Fred -- 1st Arm Amphib
Agee, Burnard G. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Ainsworth, Marvin L. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Albanese, John A. -- 15th Mar-3-H
Albanese, Nicholas J. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Alden, Francis A. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Alexander, Alec J. -- 15th Mar-4-M
Alguire, Robert C. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Allen, Charles R. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Allen, Marlyn L. -- 22nd Mar-Wps Co
Allen, Terrance G. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-MP
Almond, Pat W. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Amo, Francis R. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Andersen, Gunnar G. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Andersen, Harold -- 22nd Mar, B-Tank
Anderson, Harvey W. Jr. -- 6th Medical Bn-E
Anderson, Ralph L. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Anderson, Reese L. -- 15th Mar-3-G
Anderson, Victor -- 4th Mar-1-A
Anderson, William K. Jr. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Angerome, Salvatore -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Angiulo, Alfred J. -- 15th Mar-4-K
Antczak, Arthur J. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Apple, Sam P. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Appleby, Edward L. -- 15th Mar-3-C
April, Reuben -- 29th Mar-2-F
Arendt, Edward W. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Aria, Austin F. -- 29th Mar-H&S
Armitage, Gordon J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-G1
Arnold, Daniel C. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Arnold, George D. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Arnold, Steve Jr. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-MP
Arthur, Lyle C. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Ashurst, Emory B. -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Astor, David -- 6th Amphib
Atkinson, George L. -- 1st Separate Eng B Co
Atnip, Albert C. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Autry, Eldon W. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
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Bagdanov, Daniel D. -- 15th Mar-3
Bailey, Frank W. -- 4th Mar-2-G (Corpsman)
Bailey, Iver R. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Baird, John M. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Baird, Tom C. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Baker, Thomas E. -- 155 Gun Bn
Ballenger, Bruce B. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Balsiger, James H. -- 22nd Mar (Jasco)
Balzereit, Leo C. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Baney, Joseph F. -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Banks, Robert J. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Baran, Carl J. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Barbaro, Samuel C. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ (81mm)
Barber, Ara J. -- 4th Mar-HQ-Comm
Barber, William A. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Bard, Bennett R. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Barham, Harvey H. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Barker, Clinton J. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Barnum, Paul A. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Barry, George R. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Barton, Alexander -- 15th Mar-HQ-S2
Bateson, Robert J. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Battiste, John E. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Baulch, Clyde F. -- 22nd Mar-2-H
Baumer, Warren M. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Baylis, George -- 4th Mar-2-HQ
Beach, Richard J. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Beal, Hester C. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Beard, Harold Jr. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Beaver, Don R. -- 1st 155mm Rifle Bn
Becker, Hugh C. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Becker, Kenneth J. -- 1st Military Police Bn
Becker, Robert J. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Belanger, Roland J. -- 9th Amphib-B
Bell, Gerald W. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Belleman, Delbert E. -- 4th Mar-HQ-H&S
Bellitti, Leonard A. -- 22nd Mar-HQ-Medic
Bellmon, Sheldon George -- 6th Tank Bn-C
Benedetti, Alio J. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Benko, Stephen E. -- 29th Mar-3-H&S
Bennett, Bruno -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Bennett, Fred J. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Benton, Horace C. -- 4th Mar-3-G
Bentz, Robert R. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Berge, Olaf A. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Bergeron, Adrian W. -- 6th Jasco
Bergstrom, Lawerence E. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Bertram, Harry R. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Bianco, Albert A. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Bianco, Angelo C. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Bibbo, Nicholas Joseph -- 6th Mtr Transport-C
Bieber, Dale C. -- 6th Jasco
Bier, David L. -- 22nd Marines
Billing, Royal T. -- 4th Marines
Bishop, Neil S. -- 15th Mar-2-H&S
Bixby, Benjamin J. -- 4th Mar-3
Blackwell, George L. -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Blanchard, Joseph A. -- 15th Mar-2-F
Blatt, Paul -- 6th Medical Bn-C
Boatman, Ray -- 15th Mar-2-H&S
Bock, William V. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Bohn, Claude H. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Bolas, Stanley M. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Boller, George E. Jr. -- no record of unit
Bomberger, Harry -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S (Corpsman)
Bonanni, Louis D. -- 15th Mar-4
Bonin, Albert -- 29th Mar-2-D
Boone, William M. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Borek, John D. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Borgerding, Robert H. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Borglund, Robert E. -- 6th Jasco
Borsellino, Joe -- 22nd Marines
Bosford, Gilbert H. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Bovee, William R. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Bowles, John A. -- 29th Mar-1-HQ
Box, William T. -- 15th Mar-1-HQ
Bradley, Robert W. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Bradt, George M. -- 2nd Separate Tank Co
Brady, Klein E. -- 4th Mar-H&S
Brandt, Lyle D. -- Raiders-4th Bn
Brandt, Scott L. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-C
Branscome, Herndon P. -- 29th Mar-H&S
Bratton, Jack -- 6th Tank Bn-C
Bremser, Philip F. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Brennen, George L. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Briscoe, Donald E. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Brothers, Karl W. -- 22nd Mar-3-L/4th Mar-3-L
Brown, Glen E. -- 6th Jasco
Brown, Jim W. -- 6th Tank Bn-C
Brown, John C. -- no record of unit
Brown, Richard A. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Brown, Richard D. -- 2nd Sep Tank Co, 22nd Marines
Brown, Robert J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Brown, Sugars T. -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Brown, Thomas V. -- 6th Mar Div-Signal
Brumbaugh, Ellis E. Sr. -- 29th Mar-H&S
Brunelle, Roger W. -- III Amphib Corps
Brutcher, Russell G. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Bryan, Frederick C. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Buchany, Charles E. (Butch) -- 4th Mar-HQ
Buckingham, John E. -- III Amphib Corps
Buckley, Aaron E. -- Raiders-1st Bn
Buckley, William J. -- 15th Mar-2-F
Bunting, Gerald -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Burazin, Michael T. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Burd, Cecil C. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Burtis, Donald A. -- Raiders-2nd Bn
Busha, Lawrence A. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Buss, Julian A. -- 22nd Mar-HQ-Band
Buswell, Roy L. -- 4th Mar-2-F
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Cadden, John P. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Calhoun, Paul J. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Calicchia, Carl J. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Callis, Walter B. -- 6th Engineer- 1-A
Camp, William H. Sr. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Campbell, Arthur D. -- 4th Mar-1
Campbell, John P. -- 2nd AAA Defense Bn
Campo, John P. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Cantella, Samuel -- 29th Mar-HQ-Band
Cantwell, Daniel F. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Capalare, Donald G. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Cardarelli, Leo P. -- 4th Mar-3
Carlson, August J. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Carlton, Daniel B. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Carney, E. Frank -- 4th Mar-2
Carney, Ewart G. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Carpender, Albert J. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Carpenter, Juluis -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Carroll, Wayne O. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Carroll, William F. -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Carson, Kenneth M. Sr. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Carter, Donald L. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Carter, Donald L. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Carter, John -- 6th Sep 155 Howitzer
Caruso, George -- 29th Mar-2-D
Carvalho, John -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Carver, Bailey S. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Carvlin, Jay V. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ
Case, Harold G. -- 15th Mar-H&S
Casper, Richard G. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Cassel, Charles C. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Casteel, Henry O. -- 22nd Mar-1-B&E
Cedergreen, Eldon L. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Chaney, Robert D. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Cheeseman, Joseph S. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Chemerys, Eugene -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Chisholm, Joseph F. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Christian, R. L. Jr. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-H&S
Cirillo, Ralph E. -- 29th Mar-3-L
Clancey, William P. -- 4th Marines
Clark, Albert B. Jr. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Clark, Carl W. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Clark, Earl A. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Clark, John W. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Clemensen, Christen E. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Clemente, Joseph Jr. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Wire
Cline, Charles L. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Cloud, William R. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Coccio, Anthony F. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Coker, Billy G. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-A
Cole, William J. -- 15th Mar-1 & 4
Colleran, Daniel J. P. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Collins, Charles W. -- 6th Jasco
Collins, Floyd A. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Collins, Joseph M. -- 6th Medical Bn-B
Colliton, Edward T. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Combs, Leon D. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Comstock, John L. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Conley, John B. -- 15th Mar-H&S
Connelly, Thomas E. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Conner, Henry D. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Conner, Lail E. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Connolly, James L. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Connors, Joseph W. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Conochalla, Joseph -- 22nd Mar-2-K & E
Conrad, Russell E. -- no record of unit
Conway, Charles E. Jr. -- no record of unit
Conway, Richard D. -- 15th Mar-4
Cook, John W. -- 15th Mar-1-C
Coppicus, Jerome A. -- 15th Mar-4-M
Corbett, Ralph D. -- VMSB
Corbitt, Miriam E. --- 22nd Mar-3-K
Cornell, Donald C. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Cornish, Joseph J. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Cortright, David P. Sr. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ (G-2)
Costello, Edward M. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Costello, William R. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Cotten, Edwin C. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Cotten, Lenly M. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Courtnage, Vernard E. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Covert, Herbert A. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Cowan, Council R. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Cox, Barney R. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Craigie, Andrew E. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Crawford, Rodney A. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Cremonese, Gerald J. -- Raiders-3rd Bn-D
Croce, Valentine A. -- 12th Ser Bn-Ord
Croisetiere, Louis P. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Cromling, William E. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Cross, Harold -- no record of unit
Cross, Irvin L. -- 4th Mar-HQ-Mt
Crowther, Jeffrey -- 4th Mar-3-L
Cruise, George E. -- 6th Medical Bn-B
Crumbie, Watson A. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Crunk, Thomas -- 15th Mar-4-K
Crupnick, Leonard -- 29th Mar-1
Cuccinello, Albert -- 29th Mar-1-C
Cuddy, Walter C. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Cullem, Charles A. Jr. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Cunningham, Ed -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Cuozzo, Marino -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Curp, Russell W. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Curran, John -- 22nd Mar-1-C-HQ
Curtis, Fuller -- 6th Recon Co
Curtis, Paul F. -- 6th Recon Co
Curyo, Henry P. -- 6th Service Bn
Cyktor, Louis Jr. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
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Daddario, Philip -- 4th Mar-1-A
Daigle, Maurice R. -- 22th Mar-2-HQ
Dailey, Lloyd Paul -- 29th Mar-3-H
Dale, William P. -- 4th Mar-2-E
D'Aloia, Joseph A. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Damiano, Armand P. -- 1st Arm Amphib
D'Angelo, Paul J. Sr. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
D'Angelo, Ralph L. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Daniel, Clovis E. -- 4th Mar-3-H&S
Daniels, Walter E. -- 6th Tank Bn-HQ
Danner, Harry G. -- 4th Mar-1-C (Comm)
Danzig, Morris J. -- 22nd Mar-1-C (Corpsman)
Darragh, Joseph F. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Dauer, William E. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
David, Roy S. -- 6th Jasco
David, Wade J. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Davidson, Robert -- 6th Marine Division
Davies, Alexander P. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Davis, Donald E. -- 6th Pioneer Bn
Davis, Vernon E. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-H&S
Day, Thomas L. -- 6th Howitzer Bn
Deagetis, Ralph -- 29th Mar-2-D
Deahl, John A. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Deal, Joseph I. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Dean, Charles W. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Dear, Clarence J. -- 4th Mar-H&S
Deaton, Billy H. -- 15th Mar-2-D/22nd Mar-3-K
Deaver, James C. Jr. -- 8th Defense Bn
Debnam, Edward D. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Decker, Michael J. -- 6th 155 Howitzer Bn
Dedrick, James C. -- no record of unit
Deer, James D. -- 4th Amphib Bn
Deering, Harold W. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Degregoria, Morris -- 29th Marines
Deibler, Everett L. -- 6th Tank Bn-C
Delcambre, Dennis -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Deleeuw, John -- 29th Mar-H&S
Dennis, Milton W. -- 6th Tank Bn
Denty, Edwin H. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Depaola, Angelo -- 29th Mar-2-D
Desmarais, Robert F. -- 29th Mar-Ord
Devolder, Marcel T. -- 6th 155 Howitzer Bn-B
Devore, Chester S. -- 4th Mar-3
Dezern, Otis S. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Dickinson, Drew T. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Dickinson, M. W. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Diglio, Francis M. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Dilworth, A. W. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Dintelman, Robert C. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Dipaolo, Steve F. -- 4th Mar-3-H&S
Dipentima, Vincent J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Dishon, Edward K. -- 2nd Separate Eng W/22
Doering, Max -- 22Mar-HQ-MP
Dolan, Robert E. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Dole, Robert S. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Dolson, Lee S. -- 6th Jasco
Dominguez, George L. -- 15th Marines
Donda, Joseph -- 15th Mar-2-E
Doolittle, Francis W. -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Doolittle, George Malcolm -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Dotur, Paul H. -- 1st Arm Amphib
Dougherty, William C. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Dowlearn, Thomas B. -- 4th Mar-3-L-Wpns
Downs, Jack E. -- 22nd Marines
Drago, Joseph A. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Driskill, Lewis C. -- 6th Medical Bn-H&S
Drohan, Frank E. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Ducharme, O'Neil F. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Duffy, William E. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Duggan, Herbert D. -- 22nd Mar-3-(Eng)
Dunbar, Douglas M. -- 6th Medical Bn-H&S
Duncan, John Jr. -- 15th Mar-3-HQ
Dunigan, John J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Durie, Bert J. -- 29th Mar-HQ-MP
Dyer, Ralph A. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Dziki, Julian -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
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Early, William J. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Eason, John -- 4th Mar-3-K
Eastwood, Joseph J. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Ebach, Dutch V. A. -- 29th Marines
Eckenrod, W. F. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Eddy, Harry J. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Egiziaco, Geno P. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Ehrhardt, Robert D. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Ehrlinger, Andrew -- 15th Mar-3-G
Ellerd, Robert A. Sr. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Ellerson, Robert J. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
Ellison, James E. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Emmons, Joe E. -- 6th Engineer Bn-B
Ender, Arthur F. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Enman, Floyd W. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Epprecht, Robert P. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Erchul,Richard W. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Ernst, Carl F. -- no record of unit
Eschenbrenner, Thomas B. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Eslinger, Lloyd E. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Esposito, Anthony D. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-MP
Etter, Jackson O. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Evans, Clyde R. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Evans, Robert M. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Eversole, T. J. -- 15th Mar-1-HQ
Evorik, John J. -- 9th Amphib-A
Ewing, Joseph N. Jr. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
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Fabiochi, James -- 4th Mar-3-K
Fahey, Walter E. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Fair, Joseph E. -- 4th Pioneer Bn-A
Fair, Robert E. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Farrell, George H. Jr. -- 22nd Marines
Faulkenberg, Fred -- 6th Jasco
Faus, Norman Jr. -- 6th Pioneer Bn
Feci, Donald E. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Feeney, William J. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Feigle, James F. -- 15th Mar-3-G
Fein, Harry E. -- 4th Mar-HQ Co
Feldman, Fred -- 29th Mar-1-HQ
Felix, Frederick F. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Felix, William J. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Feller, Kermit L. -- 15th Mar-2-H&S
Felty, William Howard -- 6th Pioneer-C
Fenn, Richard C. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Fenstermacher, Gilbert C. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Ferguson, Frank L. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Ferrier, Robert E. L. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Fileff, Tony -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Filipek, Walter V. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Finch, Charles M. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Finkeldey, Morgan O. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-MP
Fischer, Walter F -- 4th Marines
Fishback, Harry R. -- 4th Mar-Medical Co
Fisher, Birchard L. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Fisher, Harry T. Jr. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Fisher, Paul E. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Fisher, Roy W. Jr. -- Raiders-2nd Bn
Fisher, Walton B. -- 11th Spec NCB
Fitzmaurice, John A. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Flamm, Gerald R. -- 6th Jasco
Flood, George H. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Flournoy, Lawrence W. -- 6th Jasco
Foble, George J. Jr -- 15th Mar-2-F
Foley, John J. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Folsom, Albert H. -- 6th Jasco
Forbus, Argus H. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Forgit, Lorenzo L. -- 29th Mar-HQ-Band
Forsyth, Robert -- 4th Mar-HQ-Dog Plt
Foster, John B. -- 6th Jasco
Fowler, Albert -- 6th Tank Bn-HQ
Francisco, Manuel -- 29th Mar-2-D
Franco, Dewey L. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Franks, Alexander P. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Franks, Brian H. -- 15th Mar-2
Frantz, Joseph V. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Frantz, Thomas B. -- 15th Mar-1-C
Frazier, Arvel G. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Fredrick, John M. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Freeman, Geoffrey B. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Freer, Frank J. -- 15th Mar-3-G (Corpsman)
French, Robert W. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Frenette, Ernest J. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Freytag, Daniel R. -- 4th Mar-1
Friedhoff, William J. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Friedrichs, Lee Roy Anton -- 4th Mar-2-M&S
Friudenburg, Frank E. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Frizzell, Russell E. -- 4th Mar-2-H&S
Fultz, Troy M. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Furbush, Allen A. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Furey, Joseph A. -- 15th Marines
Futrell, Morris E. -- 15th Marines
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Gabler, Robert H. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Gadbois, William F. -- 6th Recon Co
Gaffney, Carlton J. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Gager, Warren E. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Gagliano, Jacob A. -- 1st Prov Mar. Brig
Galvin, Henry F. -- 6th Tank Bn-H&S
Ganger, Chuck T. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Gannon, William F. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Garcia, Dionicio -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Gardner, Burnis T. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Gardner, Frank V. -- 3rd Amphib Corps
Gardner, George S. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Garland, James M. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Garrett, Morris M. -- 2nd Pack Howitzer Bn
Gaspard, George W. Jr. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Geisthardt, Rolland W. -- 9th Amphib-C
George, Howard B. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Gianacakes, Thomas G. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Gianvito, Joseph A. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Gibbons, Eugene H. -- 5th Prov Rocket
Gideon, Gill A. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Gier, Donald J. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Gillan, F. J. (Gill) -- 4th Mar-1-A
Gillbreath, Gail M. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Gillespie, James T. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Gilmore, Lenonard -- 4th Mar-1-B
Gissendanner, Julian A. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Glancey, Francis -- 4th Mar-1-C
Glassbrenner, Richard -- 15th Mar-3-G
Glenn, Joseph G. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Glessing, Marvin J. -- 6th Medical Bn-A
Gobus, William M. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Golden, Robert J. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Gomeau, Francis C. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Goodrich, Forrest R. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-B
Gorczynski, John S. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Gorman, Philip J. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Gosnell, William O. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Gould, Ernest H. -- 6th Mar Div
Grace, John N. Jr. -- 6th Recon Co
Grahnert, Fenton A. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Grant, Alton R. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Graustein, Ernest J. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Gray, Olin M. -- 4th Mar-2
Grayhek, Leroy -- 4th Marines
Green, Russell R. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Greene, Frank B. Sr. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Greene, Jonathan S. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Grego, Richard F. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Greiner, Donald R. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Grellner, Lawrence F. -- 29th Mar-3-K
Gresavage, Walter -- 6th Engineer Bn
Gressley, Edward W. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Griffin, Royal A. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Griggs, Truman -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Grisevich, Walter H. -- 5th Field Depot
Gromley, Marvin D. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Gross, Russell H. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Grossman, H. W. -- 6th Engineer Bn-HQ
Grove, John M. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Grover, Harry -- 6th Jasco
Grubick, Milan -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Guerry, Guy F. -- 6th Amphib
Guido, David P. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Gulczynski, Karol J. -- 6th Mar Div
Guthrie, Loran M. -- 15th Mar-2-HQ
Guthrie, Louis T. -- 4th Marines
Gutowski, Alexander J. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Guyder, Robert E. -- 29th Mar-H&S
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Haaker, Clarence R. -- 15th Mar-1-A
Habern, Frank -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Hackler, Ernest L. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Hagan, George J. -- 22nd Mar-2-B
Hahn, Herbert F. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-3-H
Halbert, Malcolm A. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Hale, William N. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Haley, Joseph M. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
Hall, Durell E. -- 22nd Mar-1-H&S
Hall, James W. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Hall, Joseph H. -- 15th Mar-H&S (Jasco)
Hamm, Clifford B. -- 5th Prov Rocket
Hancock, Wayne C. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Hanley, James V. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Hanley, Thomas -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Hannaher, Thomas P. -- 15th Mar-1-A
Hansen, Paul N. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Hansgate, John P. -- 29th Marines
Hanson, Howard C. -- 6th Amphib
Happich, Leon A. -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Hardacker, David R. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-H&S
Hardie, James W. -- 6th Jasco
Harper, Alex P. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Harper, Philip V. -- 29th Mar-1-HQ
Harris, Allen Scott -- 29th Mar-3-G
Harris, Donald Jr. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Harris, Frank -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Harris, Richard E. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Harrison, Charles M. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Hart, George E. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Hart, James E. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Harvard, Thomas Earl -- HQ 6th Mtr Trans Bn
Harvey, Edmund P. -- 4th Mar/22nd Marines
Harwood, James P. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
Hasenstab, Ferd F. -- 6th Jasco
Haskian, Harry -- 15th Mar-3-G
Hastings, I. Lincoln -- 4th Mar-2-G
Hatfield, Harold B. -- 6th Engineer Bn-HQ
Hawthorne, Robert C. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Hayden, Roy K. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Hayman, Alvin -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Hays, Emmitt D. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Hays, Thomas J. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ&K
Hazard, F. Archer -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Heald, Harold G. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Heath, Sylvester B. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Hecke, Raymond E. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Heckt, Melvin D. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Hegerich, Alfred F. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Heil, William E. -- 6th Medical Bn
Heldt, Carl A. -- 6th Medical Bn-D
Hems, Roland J. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Hendrickson, Donald H. -- 22nd Mar-2-D
Henry, A. T. (Pete) -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Henry, Harvey -- 9th Amphib-C
Henschen, Curtis W. -- 3rd Amphib Corps
Hepting, William -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Herbeck, Richard C. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Hering, Richard A. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Hermanies, John H. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Hernandez, Ignacio S. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Hesse, Kenneth T. -- 6th Mar Div
Hettinger, George B. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Heuermann, Eric E. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Hibbert, Robert G. -- 11th Defense Bn
Hicks, Billy G. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Higgens, Calvin E. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Higgins, Leroy Slim (Winslow) -- 4th Mar-3-K
Hill, Bryce F. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Hill, Floyd M. (Stoney) -- 6th Jasco
Hilliard, Richard A. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Hillman, Frank R. -- 15th Mar-2-F
Hiott, Joseph M. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Hipp, Arthur W. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Hitchcock, Willis L. -- 15th Mar-4-L (22nd Marpach)
Hodges, Gerald L. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Hoeck, Harley (Rusty) -- 15th Mar-3-G
Hoenke, Charles G. -- 6th Service Bn-Ord
Hogue, Donald F. -- 15th Mar-4
Hojna, Henry M. -- 15th Mar-4-M
Holdenried, Henry J. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Holder, Guy S. -- 29th Mar-6th Eng-C
Hollar, Turner O. -- HQ Co-81 Mm
Hollis, William J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ Bn-Sig Co
Holman, James E. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Holtzapple, Stanley N. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Holzman, Arnold N. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Homan, Frank L. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Homick, Michael -- 4th Mar-1-A
Honeyager, Dean A. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Honis, Donald J. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Hood, Willard E. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Hoover, John W. Sr. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Hope, Harold M. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Hopkins, Charles W. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Hoptay, John -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Horn, Thomas G. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Horner, Richard W. Sr. -- 29th Mar-1-HQ
Horton-Billard, Theodore -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Hoskins, Ray E. -- 8th Defense Bn
Hoskins, William B. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Houck, Henry A. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Houston, Jack W. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Houston, Robert A. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Hovanski, Raymond R. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Howell, Harold E. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Hoyt, Nathan S. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Hrycyk, George M. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Hubert, George A. -- 155 Howitzer-C Battery
Hudock, John C. -- 29th Marines
Hudson, Benjamin F. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-B
Huff, Robert J. -- 15th Mar-1-HQ (F/O Team)
Hughes, Edward J. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Hughes, John R. -- 29th Mar-H&S-Comm
Huisinga, Rudolph E. -- no record of unit
Hummer, George B. -- 4th Mar-3-E
Hunter, E. Jean -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Huppert, J. Donald -- 29th Mar-1-B
Hurchalla, John R. Sr. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Hutchins, Robert L. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Hylan, John W. -- 6th 155mm Howitzer Bn-H&S Battery
Hynes, Matthew V. -- 6th Serv Bn
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Iafrate, Joseph -- 29th Mar-1-C
Iannuzzi, Anthony J. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Imoehl, Robert J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Inferrera, Anthony J. -- 6th Mbtn Amphib Trk Co
Inglis, Gordon J. -- 9th Amphib Tractor Bn
Inloes, Benjamin H. -- 29th Mar-1
Innis, Russell F. -- no record of unit
Irwin, Ralph W. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Isbell, Charles W. -- 4th Mar-H&S
Ising, Edward -- 29th Mar-2-D
Israel, Leonard -- 6th Engineer Bn-HQ
Itzin, Martin J. -- 29th Mar-3
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Jacobs, Theodore J. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Jacot, Edward H. -- 15th Mar-3-I
Janecek, George J. -- 15th Marines
Janisko, George T. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Jaramillo, Robert C. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Jensen, Virgil D. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Jergovic, Rudolph F. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Johnson, Bert E. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Johnson, Everette N. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Johnson, Frederick W. -- 29th Mar-2
Johnson, George R. -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Johnson, James A. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Johnson, Jesse N. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Johnson, Willard B. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Johnston, B. David -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Johnston, William Y. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-G1
Jollay, James W. -- 22nd Mar-1-D
Jolly, Robert L. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Jones, Arnett -- 4th Mar-2-HQ
Jones, Charles S. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Jones, Earl C. -- 4th Mar-1
Jones, George L. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Jones, Harold N. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Jones, John R. -- 4th & 22nd Mar-Pioneer-HQ
Jones, Josiah W. Jr. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Jordan, Steve -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Jorgenson, Duane C. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Joseph, Harry -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Juday, Lewis F. -- 15th Mar-2
Judd, Paul E. -- 4th Mar-3 (Corpsman)
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Kabik, Melvin -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Kadin, Irwin J. -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Kahle, John F. -- 4th Mar-HQ-HQ
Kalencik, William P. -- 8th Defense Bn
Kamunen, Herbert L. -- 15th Mar-H&S
Kanter, Gib -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Kazian, Leon H. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Keating, Raymond F. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Keating, William -- 6th Medical Bn-B
Keeley, John M. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Keenan, John M. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ
Keith, Robert E. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Kellison, James F. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Kelly, Donald J. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Kelly, Fred M. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Kelly, James P. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Kelly, Raymond F. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Kemp, Frank A. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Kemp, Henry B. Jr. -- 29th Mar-2-E&F
Kempa, Walter F. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Kennaugh, Charles G. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Kennerly, Roland S. -- 4th Marines
Kenzy, Leon B. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Kerber, I. Newton -- 4th Marines
Kernberg, Julius -- 4th Mar-3-H&S
Kerstine, Wayne L. -- 6th Medical Bn-C
Kessler, Glen J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-G1
Ketchoyian, Harry J. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Ketter, Lyndal A. -- 15th Mar-2-H&S
Kightlinger, Arthur J. -- 4th Mar-Pioneer-A
Killian, Claude W. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Kimball, Delbert E. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
King, Edward O. Jr. -- 9th 155 Gun Bn
Kinney, Herbert M. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Kirby, John L. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Kirschman, Spencer C. -- 12th Service Bn
Kirts, Donald L. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Kirtz, Alvin L. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Kite, Joseph W. Jr. -- 29th Mar-HQ-H&S
Kiyaani, Mike -- 4th Mar-HQ
Kleeger, Simon -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Kleopfer, George W. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-2&3-HQ
Klintworth, Merlin A. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Knapik, Edward F. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Knapik, Jane -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Knebel, Edward W. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Kneller, Charles A. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Knerr, John -- 4th Mar-2-G
Knowlton, Paul M. -- 22nd Mar-2-C
Kohler, Charles F. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Kohn, Joseph -- 15th Mar-4-L
Kolesar, Albert -- 15th Mar-4
Koller, Frederick W. Sr. -- 6th Tank Bn-HQ
Konkler, John -- 1st Prov Mar Brig-HQ (G2)
Konnerth, Roy A. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Konopisos, William A. -- 29th Mar-1-HQ
Koonce, Elbert E. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Kordich, Anthony M. -- 15th Mar-HQ
Koscielniak, Arthur D. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Kotabish, Joseph J. -- 15th Mar-H&S
Kowalski, William J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Kranz, Thomas J. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Krauss, George F. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Kraut, Robert K. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
Kreinbihl, William J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Krendel, Harry J. -- 6th Amphib
Kresge, Eugene E. -- 15th Marines
Krey, James T. -- 22nd Mar-2-H
Kuhn, Robert P. -- 15th Mar-HQ
Kunk, Vincent P. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Kunkle, Thomas W. -- 15th Mar-4-M
Kuzmanovich, George M. -- 9th Amphib-C
Kvaase, Dan -- 6th Recon Co
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La Hayne, Elden V. -- 6th Tank Bn-HQ
Labash, Stefan -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Labocetta, Rocco -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Lacer, Orland G. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Lahaye, Jimmie D. -- 4th Mar-HQ-HQ
Laird, Charles W. -- 22nd Mar-1-H&S
Lake, Glenn R. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Lally, Jack -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Lambert, Wilton J. -- 6th Engineer Bn
Lambson, Bob G. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Lance, William J. -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Landers, William L. -- 15th Mar-4
Lang, Louis -- 6th Engineer Bn-HQ
Lange, Paul R. -- 4th Amphib Bn
Laporte, Roslyn L. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Larabell, Richard J. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Larosa, S. Anthony -- 2nd Mar-1-A
Larson, Glenn P. -- 2nd Mar-1-A
Lasch, John G. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Lasensky, Joseph -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Latham, David A. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Laughridge, James P. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Laukkanen, John A. -- 6th Jasco
Lavelle, William J. -- 15th Mar-1
Lavoie, Henry E. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Law, Bill -- 29th Mar-C
Lawrence, John S. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Lawson, DC -- 29th Marines
Lawson, Thomas J. -- 4th Mar-2-G & H&S
Lazusky, Walter G. -- 15th Mar-3-K
Leach, Eugene -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Lear, Malcolm T. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Leary, Arthur J. -- 4th Mar-3-H&S
Lee, Fontaine C. -- 9th 155 Gun Bn
Legrand, Philip R. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Leier, Richard J. -- 2nd Mar-Wpns
Leisey, Alvin L. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Lemaire, Dallas G. -- 15th Mar-2-F
Lemen, William L. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Lemming, Charles -- 6th Tank Bn
Lepant, Charles A. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Lernihan, John G. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ
Leshinski, M. L. -- HQ & Service Bn
Leslie, Louis H. -- 6th Tank Bn
L'Etoile, Joseph H. -- 29th Mar-2
Lett, James E. -- 22nd Marines
Lewis, Edward M. -- 12th Service Bn
Lewis, F. F. Jr. -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Lewis, Henry G. -- 6th Medical Bn
Lewis, Lincoln R. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Lewis, Stephen L. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Liberatore, Frank -- 4th Mar-3-L
Lienesch, Donald R. -- 29th Mar-1-HQ
Likins, Merle R. -- 15th Mar-3-K
Liles, James -- no record of unit
Lindsey, J. D. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Link, Lawrence T. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Liveley, Robert A. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Locke, Jim -- 4th Amphib Bn
Lockrem, Cyril B. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Lockwood, William M. -- 29th Mar-H&S
Lockwood, William. C. Sr. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Lofstrom, James L. -- 15th Mar-3-K
Loftis, W. Garland -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Lohsen, Richard H. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Lohsen, Roger G. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Lonergan, Thomas F. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Long, Dio C -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Lospinuso, Rocco -- 29th Mar-2-E (Corpsman)
Lott, J.C. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Louis, William W. Jr. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Lovelace, John E. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Lowe, Robert J. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Lowry, Ferdinand C. -- 15th Mar-2-E
Lowry, Robert S. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Ludke, Edwin W. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Luminiello, Joseph A. -- 15th Mar-3-G
Lushanko, Lloyd G. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Lustig, Edward W. -- no record of unit
Lusty, Edward J. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Luther, Barney -- 15th Mar-3-G
Lynch, Arthur T. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Lynch, C. A. Peter -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Lynch, John A. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Lynch, Larry E. -- 15 Mar-3-G
Lynch, Richard Dewitt -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Lyon, John G. -- 1st Dog Platoon
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MacCall, Marion E. -- 29th Mar-1-C
MacDonald, Douglas J. -- 15th Mar-2-E
MacDonald, Peter -- 6th Mar Div-Code Talker
Macek, Ralph F. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Maddocks, Harold -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Mahar, Joseph J. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Mahoney, Donald R. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Mahoney, John J. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Maikath, Raymond A. -- MAW
Majewski, Chris -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Malinowski, Theodore J. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Malott, John T. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Manell, Alan B. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Manly, William D. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Mann, Henry L. -- 6th Jasco
Mannarino, Alfred P. -- 15th Mar-2-H & S
Manson, Ronald A. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Mapes, Elmer A. -- 4th Mar-2-HQ
Marasciulo, Edward -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Marciano, Dominick -- 29th Mar-2-E
Maree, John P. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Marek, Edmond A. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Mariano, Michael -- 29th Mar-1-C
Maritato, Mario E. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Marsalek, Edward H. -- 6th Jasco (22nd Mar-2)
Marsh, Daniel Z. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Marshall, Robert J. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-B
Marshall, W. C. -- 6th Medical Bn-H&S
Marshall, William W. Jr. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Martin, Brice T. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Martin, Kenneth E. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Martin, Paul F. -- 15th Mar-3-I
Martin, Robert A. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Martin, Robert L. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Martins, Anicet -- 2nd Separate Tnk Co
Mascioli, Frank -- 58th NCB
Masek, Charles A. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Maskal, William W. -- 15th Mar-3-G
Mason, Thomas C. -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Massina, Vincent S. Jr. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Mast, R. K. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Masten, Theodore R. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Masur, Lucian A. -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Mathews, James D. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Mathews, Toni -- 6th Amphib
Matice, Warren R. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-H&S
Mattera, Vincent J. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Matthews, Harry L. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Maurer, Frederick A. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-B
Maxey, Fred E. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Maxson, Richard L. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
May, James H. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Mayfield, Ronald L. -- 15th Mar-3-K
Mayo, Robert S. -- 6th Engineer Bn
Mays, George G. -- 6th Recon Co
Maze, David A. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Mazurski, Thaddeus M. -- 15th Mar-4-L
McAfee, George J. Jr. -- 6th Jasco
McAtee, James R. -- 6th Engineer Bn
McCallum, Neal -- 29th Mar-2-F
McCann, W. H. (Bill) -- 22nd Mar-H&S
McCarthy, John M. -- 15th Mar-3-I
McCarty, Harold A. -- 29th Mar-3-I
McClellan, Billy Nelson -- 6th Engineer Bn-A Co
McClements, Albert F. Jr. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
McClure, Robert J. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
McCollum, Robert E. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
McCormack, James H. -- 29th Mar-2-G
McCormick, Richard T. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
McCormick, Robert P. -- 6th Tank Bn
McDonald, Elliott D. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
McDonald, Francis L. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
McDonald, James T. -- 15th Mar-HQ
McDowell, Aaron J. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
McFerrin, Clayton P. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
McGee, Henry J. -- 15th Mar-H&S
McGreevy, Joseph -- 29th Mar-1-C
McIntosh, George -- 29th Mar-3-G
McKeldin, Charles H. Sr. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
McKenzie, Walter J. -- 6th Medical Bn-D
McKie, Thomas J. Jr. -- Machine Gun-Co 4
McKinnon, Pat -- 22nd Mar-HQ
McKnight, Harry T. -- 29th Mar-3-H
McMahon, A. J. -- 6th Mar Div (Corpsman)
McMannis, Noble O. -- 15th Mar-2-D
McNulty, Nicie -- 22nd Mar-2-F
McNulty, William M. -- no record of unit
McNutt, Alexander M. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Meacham, Charles H. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Meade, Alfred J. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Meadows, Jack C. -- 15th Mar-4-L
Meakim, Norman G. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Mears, David A. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Mengel, Gordon H. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Menier, Herbert J. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Menunoo, Charles J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Menzies, John W. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Mercsak, Steve C. -- 6th Engineer Bn
Mernin, James C. Sr. -- 29th Mar-1-C (Mg Plt)
Merrell, Ray -- 4th Mar-2-H
Merritt, Ralph W. -- 22nd Marines
Mesloh, William N. -- 15th Mar-1-HQ
Metzger, Louis -- 1st Arm Amphib
Meyer, Frank F. -- 15th Mar-2-D
Meyer, George F. -- 4th Marines
Mezo, Clifford -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Micheline, Syrus R. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Middleton, Carl E. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Middleton, Franklin O. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Mihalak, S. F. -- 22nd Mar-2-H&S
Miles, Mark A. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Milillo, Gerard J. -- 4th Mar-2-F (Corpsman)
Miller, Charles C. M. -- 96th CB
Miller, Darwin L. -- 22nd Mar-HQ-(Tanks & Recon)
Miller, Don E. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Miller, Donald A. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Miller, Forrest H. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Miller, Robert L. -- 9th C Co Engineers
Milliman, Nathan Sr. -- no record of unit
Mills, Nelson G. -- 2nd Mar-2-E
Mistovich, Eli -- 15th Mar-HQ
Mistretta, Salvatore -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Mitchell, A. Robert -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Mitchell, Benjamin E. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Mitchell, George E. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Mitchell, Joseph -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Moe, Raymond M. -- 15th Mar-2-H&S
Molloy, Joe -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Monroe, John C. Jr. -- 4th Amphib Bn
Montague, Stanton M. -- 22nd Mar-Signal Co
Montemarno, Vito -- 29th Mar-2-E
Montgomery, Junior H. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Montgomery, William A. -- 15th Mar-1-H&S
Moodie, John L. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Moody, Gilbert Sr. -- 22nd Mar-3-M&L
Moon, Ronald L. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Moore, Charles C. Jr. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Moore, Edwin W. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Moore, Myron L. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Moore, Thomas L. -- no record of unit
Moran, Jack B. -- 6th Pioneers
Morash, John F. Sr. -- 4th Marines
Morell, Philip C. -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Morgan, Leroy W. -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Morgan, Vincent A. -- 4th Mar-1
Morris, Enos R. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Morris, James T. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Morris, John B. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Morrison, Karl D. -- 29th Marines
Morrissette, Raymond A. -- 22nd Mar-F (60 Mm Mortar)
Morse, Frederick J. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Most, William W. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
Mountcastle, Sidney H. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Mouton, Patrick E. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Mueller, Bertram A. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Mueller, Joseph N. -- 4th Mar-2
Mueller, Roland J. -- 15th Mar-4-L
Mueller, Russell L. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Mulhern, Lawrence V. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Mulkey, Jess O. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Mull, Norman L. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Mulligan, Robert W. -- 15th Mar-1-H&S
Mullins, Kenneth W. -- 29th Mar-3-H (Med)
Murphy, John J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Murphy, William J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Mutters, Lewis E. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Muzante, Frederick J. -- 22nd Mar-1-B (60mm Mortar)
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Nagy, Joseph V. -- 15th Mar-4-K
Nagy, Stephen R. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Namesnik, Steve Jr. -- 15th Mar-2-E
Naples, Michael F. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Nardello, James T. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Navarra, Frank A. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Nebiolo, Eugene -- 29th Mar-3-H
Neeley, C. Burke -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Nelson, Raymond E. Jr. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Neumann, Robert F. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Newton, Ellis J. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Niemants, Donald W. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Nissen, Jack L. -- 15th Mar-2-E
Nolen, Sammie G. -- 4th Mar-3-F
Norman, William E. -- 3rd Amphib Corps
North, Robert A. -- 15th Mar-1-C
Norwood, Jack -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Novitski, Edward J. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Novosad, Andrew G. -- 29th Mar-3
Nuckols, Jack R. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Nugent, Henry C. Sr. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Nuzzo, Genaro J. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
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O'Connor, John H. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Oertel, Irving F. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Ogrean, Walter D. -- 6th Tank Bn-H&S
O'Hara, James F. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
O'Hara, Sean J. -- 4th Mar-2-G
O'Keefe, Richard T. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-MP
O'Laughlin, Thomas F. -- 29th Mar-H&S
Oldfield, John H. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Oligino, Anthony J. -- 22nd Marines
Opfer, Kenneth A. -- 4th Mar-H&S
O'Quinn, Lester C. -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Orfei, Frank -- 29th Mar-2-E (Mg Plt)
Orgovan, John G. -- 4th Marines
Ornas, Albert J. -- 60 Mm Mtr-F Co
Oronzio, Guerino F. -- 4th Mar-3-I
O'Rourke, Lawrence W. -- 29th Mar-HQ
Orsock, John W. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Oudsteyn, John D. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Overholser, Dwight -- 15th Mar-3-G
Overly, John G. -- 29th Mar-1-A
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Packard, James M. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Paice, Leon E. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Palermo, Alphonse -- 6th Mar Med-H&S
Palmer, John K. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Papa, Emidio A. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Parins, Milton -- 4th Mar-3-I & K
Parish, Sammie M. -- 4th Marines
Parker, George Ray Jr. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Parmelee, Lawrence F. -- 4th Mar-2-E (Corpsman)
Parr, Kenneth -- 29th Mar-2-D
Parry, Ernest R. -- 4th Mar-2-HQ
Partin, Jackson L. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Parzych, Raymond A. -- 6th Jasco
Passarello, Nicholas -- 29th Mar-H&S
Passman, Bernard G. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Patrick, Samuel L. -- 6th Engineer Bn-B
Patruno, Pasquale J. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Patterson, Robert T. -- 15 Mar-4-K
Patyk, Fred -- 29th Mar-HQ-Band
Pauk, John F. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Paulk, Crawford M. Jr. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Paulk, Ralph W. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Payne, Sam F. Jr. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Pears, Frederick G. -- 29th Mar-3-I (Corpsman)
Pearson, Charles B. -- 4th Mar-2
Pearson, James E. -- 4th Mar-1-C (Corpsman)
Pearson, Robert H. Jr. -- 4th Mar-H&S-Ord Wpns
Pechtel, Wallace F. -- 22nd-Mar-1-B
Pedigo, E. Russell -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Peebles, James R. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Peek, Allen J. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Peel, Jack B. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Pegnataro, Anthony -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Pello, John A. -- 29th Mar-HQ-S2
Penn, John E. -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Penny, Lester E. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Pentz, Charles R. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Peo, Ernest R. Jr. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Pepper, Robert G. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Peppey. James W. -- 4th Mar-HQ
Perez, Augustin Jr. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Perrin, Joseph L. Jr. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Perrine, Thomas M. Jr. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Perry, Harold E. -- 15th Mar-2-F
Perry, John E. -- 6th Pioneer Bn
Perry, Russell -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Perzchowski, John S. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Pesely, Edward H. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Petersen, Raymond E. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Peterson, H. William -- 29th Mar-2-E & F HQ
Peterson, Lawrence A. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Peterson, R. D. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Petrelia, Michael J. -- 6th Service Bn
Petriello, Salvatore L. -- 15th Mar-4-L
Pfeffer, John A. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Pfeiffer, Harold C. -- 29th Mar-C Tank
Pfotenhauer, Paul E. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Phillips, Allan B. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Phipps, Ralph G. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Pickarts, John M. -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Pickering, Roy L. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Pierce, Harvey E. -- 22nd Mar-B
Pierce, William T. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Pierson, Jefferson J. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Pimental, John A. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Piotrowski, Felix -- 15th Mar-4-L
Pitasi, Nicholas J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Pitti, Paul B. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Pivarunas, Walter A. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Pizzuto, Joseph S. -- 29th Mar-3
Platte, Harlan W. -- 29th Marines
Poltarec, John D. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Ponce, Peter Sr. -- 22nd Mar-1
Poole, Grover J. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Poole, Harris W. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Popilek, Leon C. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Portera, John O. -- 22nd Mar-3-M
Potts, Joseph E. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Powell, W. D. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Powers, Richard J. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Powers, Robert A. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Powers, Wesley R. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Pratte, Lucien L. -- 6th Mar Div
Pressutti, Alex -- 29th Mar-2-H&S
Price, Marsden -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Price, Thomas A. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Pringle, Robert B. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Propeck, Robert A. -- 15th Mar-4-K
Prophitt, Benjamin F. Jr. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Pugh, John R. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Pulford, Charles E. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
Pulliam, Carl E. -- 15th Mar-1-H&S
Purdy, Florence -- 6th Engineer Bn-H&S
Putts, David J. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
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Queen, James L. -- 4th Mar-3-L
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Rabb, Kenneth W. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Rackerby, Archie B. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Rainier, Leland E. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Rajkovich, Frank J. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Rakestraw, Robert G. -- 22nd Mar-HQ-Band
Ralph, Wendell -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Ramey, William C. -- 4th Marines
Randall, Donald H. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Rankin, William S. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Ray, Harold J. -- 6th Service Bn
Reber, Ralph R. -- 6th Amphib
Recla, Charles E. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ Bn
Rediske, Grant W. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Reehling, Stanley -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Reeves, R. Cecil -- 6th Tank Bn-A
Reeves, Wiliam B. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Regal, Samuel F. -- 4th Amphib Bn
Regan, Patrick -- 29th Mar-HQ
Remoli, David J. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Reneaux, Ric -- 22nd Mar-3
Reppenhagen, Arthur C. Jr. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Reynolds, Paul A. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Rheney, Peyton A. -- 15th Mar-2-F
Rhoney, Carmie H. -- no record of unit
Richards, Elbert R. Jr. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Richards, John J. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Rigby, Darius C. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ & 1st Prov
Rinn, Alfred J. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Riontino, Gabriel V. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Ritchie, William D. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Roadifer, Roy -- 29th Marines
Roake, John F. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Robbins, Donald -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Roberts, Pat -- 29th Mar-1-A
Roberts, Robert T. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Robertson, Charles T. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-A
Robertson, Norman E. -- 15th Mar-1-H&S
Robertson, William F. -- 15th Mar-2-E
Rodgers, Frank I. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Roeder, Horton -- 29th Marines
Rogers, Robert W. -- 15th Mar-3-K
Roggy, Charles -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Roney, Edmund B. -- 6th Jasco
Roof, Frank E. Jr. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Rooks, Eugene B. -- 4th Mar-1-H&S
Roscoe, Alfred G. W. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Rosenquist, Rudolf G. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Rotton, Luther C. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Rouw, William W. -- 22nd Mar-2-H
Rowan, John J. -- 9th Amphib
Rowe, Wayne F. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Rowland, James J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Rowland, William Jr. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Rucinski, Raymond J. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Rudd, Lester L. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Rudloff, Robert C. -- 15th Mar-2-F
Ruediger, Leonard C. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Ruiz, Gilbert G. -- 6th Medical Bn-B
Rush, Thaddeus M. -- 4th Mar-HQ-Band
Russell, William A. -- 15th Mar-3-I
Rutan, Russell K. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Rutkowski, Walter B. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
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Sabel, Howard -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Sadler, Fred M. -- 22nd Mar-1-D
Sakowicz, William J. -- 1st Dog Platoon
Salla, David S. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Samborski, Edward A. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Sandlaufer, Harry J. -- 29th Mar-3 Mortar
Sands, George E. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Sangalis, Dean -- 6th Mar Div-HQ
Santarpia, Frank Sr. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Santoro, Thomas P. Sr. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ
Sargent, Loyal J. -- 6th Provost Marshal
Sarris, Charles C. Jr. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Saunders, John D. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Savaria, Edward A. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Sawyer, Raymond R. (Ray) -- 1st Prov Brigade/29th Mar-2-E
Scamoni, Andrew B. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Schacknow, Harry B. -- 2nd Pack Howitzer Bn
Schafer, Frank J. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Schafer, Kenneth C. -- 6th Eng Bat-B
Schandl, Herman A. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Schantek, Frederick -- 29th Mar-1-B
Scharfen, John C. -- 6th Pioneer Bn
Schatzman, James J. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Schild, Fred A. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Schiller, Frank F. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Schloerke, Ken W. -- 6th Medical Bn
Schmidt, Norman B. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Schmittel, Benjamin H. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-C
Schneider, Kenneth R. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Schoch, Donald F. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Schoenheit, Marvin A. -- 22nd Mar-1-C (Jasco)
Schou, Calvin E. -- 6th Tank Bn-C
Schrementi, Anthony -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Schroeder, Arno W. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Schueschner, Harry -- 29th Mar-2
Schulte, Clyde W. -- 6th Tank Bn-HQ
Schultheis, Merritt J. -- 22nd Marines
Schultz, William A. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-G2
Schunk, Arthur M. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Schunk, Duayne C. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Schwaninger, Robert L. -- 1st Arm Amphib
Schwendt, Charles W. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Scimone, Joseph -- 29th Mar-3-G
Scomis, Peter -- 29th Mar-3-H
Scott, G. Preston -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Scott, George A. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Scott, William -- 4th Mar-3-K
Sebree, Paul -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Secrist, S. S. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Seifel, Richard W. -- 22nd Marines
Selby, Walt H. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Seminerio, Steve M. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Semler, Harry -- 6th Jasco
Senterfitt, John R. -- 29th Mar-F
Setzer, Charles W. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Sexton, William D. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Seyfer, Marvin J. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Shafer, Robert L. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Shallow, J. Rod -- 29th Mar-2-H&S
Shank, Marion E. -- 15th Mar-Bn 3
Sharpe, Ralph H. -- 9th Amphib
Sharpe, Wayne Robert -- 29th Mar-1-C
Shashy, Paul M. -- 4th Mar-HQ-HQ
Shaw, Allan E. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Shawver, Monte R. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Shay, Andrew J. -- 6th Service Bn-S&S-4th Plt
Shearer, John A. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Sheehan, Onvar G. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Sheehy, Terrance W. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Shemoski, Joseph P. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Sheridan, Kenneth D. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Sherman, Kermit L. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Sherwood, Gerald L. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Shoemaker, William C. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-B
Shotts, Bill G. -- 4th Mar-Wpns
Shuff, Dale E. -- 15th Mar-1-H&S
Shuman, Charles R. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Shurts, Ivan D. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Shutt, Joseph F. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Siembida, John S. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Silvester, John J. -- MAG
Simmons, Joseph O. -- 15th Mar-4-H&S
Simons, Irving R. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Sinatra, Andrew A. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Sinclair, Craig A. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Singleton, George -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Singleton, Joe W. -- 29th & 6th Mar-2-F
Sinkhorn, Herbert L. -- 12th Service Bn
Skeath, Marvin A. Jr. -- 4th Mar-HQ-HQ
Skiba, Edward S. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Skinner, Roy -- 15th Mar-1-A
Skocy, Richard L. -- 6th Amphib Core
Sloss, James Richard -- 4th Mar-3-L
Slowik, Walter L. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Slusser, Robert T. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Smith, Arthur Preston -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn-C
Smith, Courtland B. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Smith, Marvin G. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Smith, Paul L. -- 15th Mar-4-L
Smith, Paul W. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ (Corpsman)
Snipes, James W. -- 6th Pioneer Bn
Snow, Roy M. -- 29th Mar-HQ
Snowden, Ralph W. -- 6th Engineer Bn
Snyder, Horace A. -- 29th Mar-1-C (Corpsman)
Snyder, Waid H. Jr. -- 6th Mtr Transport Bn
Soifer, Oscar -- 6th Medical Bn-H&S
Sokoloff, Martin -- 29th Marines
Solinger, Raymond -- 6th Service Bn-S&S-4th Plt
Solovic, Milton -- 4th Mar-1-C
Sopp, Richard A. Jr. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Sorensen, Phillip J. -- 6th Jasco
Sorrentino, Frank L. -- 15th Mar-4-K
Sosienski, Alfred -- 31st NCB
Soto, Ramon M. -- 6th Medical Bn
Sowden, Harry E. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Spadaccia, Joseph V. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Spalding, Kenneth L. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Spano, Joseph L. -- 11th Spec NCB
Sparks, Elbert R. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Spaulding, Roger -- 4th Mar-2-G
Spearman, Herbert A. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Specht, Lyle E. -- 29th Mar-1-B
Speck, Thomas M. -- 1st Arm Amphib
Spedden, Roy E. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-H&S
Spillone, Louis A. -- 29th Mar-HQ-Med
Sprecher, George H. -- 15th Mar-4-L
Sprouse, William -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Stadelhofer, Richard C. -- 29th Mar-1
Stanifer, Harry M. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Stawicki, George A. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Stearns, Dan W. -- 29th Mar-H&S
Steed, Charles J. -- 22nd Marines
Steimling, Allen W. -- 29th Mar-H&S
Stenberg, Robert E. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Stephan, Laurence A. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Stephens, Harold P. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Stephens, Sidney D. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Stephenson, Ralph E. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
Stepney, Harold W. -- 4th Marines
Stevenson, Delbert L. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Stevenson, William V. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Stewart, Donald E. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Stines, Charles E. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Stingel, Clarence O. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Stirn, Jack J. -- HQ MP
Stockwell, Harry E. -- 29th Mar-HQ
Stokes, Vincent E. Sr. -- 22nd Mar-1-A
Stone, Lanford H. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Stoufer, Robert E. -- 4th Mar-2-F
Stoveken, John L. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Strand, Carol V. -- 6th Jasco
Strandberg, Carl H. -- 6th Recon Co
Strange, James E. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Straub, Robert F. -- 29th Mar-3-HQ
Stringham, Charles B. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Strohmeyer, Raymond -- 4th Mar-2-E
Struss, Lyle E. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Stuart, Robert J. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Stull, Howard W. Jr. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Stunkel, William G. -- 29th Mar-HQ
Sudo, Edward J. -- 29th Mar-1-C (Med)
Sukowatey, Edward W. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Sullivan, Thomas M. Jr. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Supanich, George P. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Sutton, Ernest W. -- no record of unit
Sutton, John R. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Swanson, L. P. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Sweeney, James A. -- 4th Mar-3
Swierat, Albert F. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Szypulski, Fred E. -- 29th Mar-1-H&S
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Tabilio, Vincenzo J. -- 22nd Mar-HQ
Taff, Walter E. -- 6th Jasco
Tanguay, Joseph J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-MP
Taylor, C. R. -- no record of unit
Taylor, Dallas G. -- 22nd Mar-2-D
Taylor, Don J. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-B
Teague, Reginald J. -- 4th Mar-3-HQ
Tenuta, John H. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Teresi, Frank C. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Theard, Eugene L. II -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Thibault, Donald F. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Thiel, Richard A. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Thomas, Gilbert R. -- 29th Mar-2-HQ (81mm)
Thomas, James F. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Thomas, William H. -- 15th Marines (Corpsman)
Thompson, Donn J. -- 6th Jasco
Thompson, Eldon F. -- 15th Mar-1-C
Thompson, Gordon R. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Thompson, John P. -- 22nd Mar-3-HQ
Thon, John Jr. -- 9th Amphib
Thornton, Daniel M. Jr. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Thrower, Walter H. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Tiede, Otto L. -- 9th Amphib-B
Tingle,. James D. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Tipton, Walter G. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Band
Titus, David W. -- 6th Medical Bn-A
Tobey, Francis X. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Tockstein, Robert E. -- 1st Military Police Bn
Toich, Anthony J. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Tomich, Robert S. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Tomishak, Theodore -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Toth, Sherman -- 4th Mar-2-HQ
Townsend, John B. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Traffert, Harry A. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Trapp, Charles F. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Trax, Jess L. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-C
Trehey, Harold L. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Treinen, Lawrence J. -- 7th Field Depot-Eng
Trentecoste, Carlo M. -- 4th Mar-H&S
Trimboli, Ross S. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Tripp, Bryant -- 29th Mar-1-HQ
Tripp, Kenneth T. -- 15th Mar-H&S
Trobiani, Ralph A. -- 6th Engineer Bn-HQ
Tronolone, Victor J. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Trumbo, Paul -- 22nd Mar-1-A-81mm Mortar
Tryba, Alfred -- 4th Mar-2-F
Tryon, Clifford G. -- 29th Mar-3-Ord
Tsui, Charlie -- 22nd Marines
Tucker, Dan W. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Tuohy, Faris M. -- 6th Pioneer Bn
Tuomey, Robert N. -- 15th Mar-3-K
Twigger, William J. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Twitchell, Sanford E. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Tyson, Francis D. -- 1st Prov Mar Brig
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Ukrop, Sam D. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Ulrich, Frank J. -- 4th Marines
Upchurch, C. Stuart Sr. -- 4th Mar-1-B
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Vail, Maurice F. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Valle, Raul -- 6th Pioneer Bn & 22-2-F
Vallon, Richard -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Vasu, Victor E. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Vaughn, Robert G. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-MP
Veatch, Charles A. -- 6th Medical Bn
Ventura, Robert E. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Versnik, William A. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Vest, Wendell N. -- 15th Mar-2-H&S
Vickery, James G. Jr. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Vila, Edward -- 4th Mar-3-I
Vinciotti, Constantine -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Virga, William J. Sr. -- 6th Eng-B
Vojnar, Rudolf F. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Volpe, Rocco C. -- 4th Mar-1-C
Vozella, Ralph M. -- 15th Mar-3
Vrettos, Cris -- 22nd Mar-3-I
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Wabeck, James F. -- 6th Mar Div-Ord
Wachter, Roy A. -- 15th Mar-H&S
Wade, David L. Sr. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Wages, Dexter W. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Wagner, Frank A. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Wagner, Jacob M. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Wagoner, Donald L. -- 15th Mar-1-A
Walenski, William -- 29th Mar-HQ
Walker, Alan M. Sr. -- 6th Pioneer Bn
Walker, Ernest D. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Walker, Harold L. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Walker, Joe G. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Wallack, Gerald W. -- no record of unit
Walling, Forrest E. Jr. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Walter, Richard A. -- 22nd Mar-1-HQ
Walter, Robert E. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ
Walther, John M. -- 29th Mar-3-I
Ward, William I. Jr. -- 15th Mar-2
Ware, Benjamin E. -- 22nd Mar-2-HQ
Ware, James F. -- 4th Mar-HQ-Recon
Wareham, David R. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Waring, Robert E. -- 29th Mar-2-D
Warner, Charles J. -- 15th Mar-4
Waslasky, Stan -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-HQ
Wasson, Robert D. -- 4th Amphib Bn
Waters, Robert E. -- 22nd Mar-1-C
Watkins, Lauren M. -- 9th Amphib-C
Watson, Floyd L. -- 22nd Mar-3-M
Watson, Thomas E. -- 4th Pioneer Bn
Wattenbarger, James H. -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Watts, Douglas H. -- 29th Mar-1-A
Weaver, M. Luke -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
Webb, Francis E. -- 15th Mar-4-M
Weber, Ernest -- 4th Mar-HQ-HQ (R-2)
Webster, Glen A. -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Weiler, Howard M. -- 22nd Mar-3-L
Weimerskirch, Leo F. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Weiner, Daniel -- 29th Mar-HQ-Band
Weiner, Irving -- 6th Medical Bn-H&S
Weingarten, Albert J. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Weinstein, Lester -- 29th Mar-1-B
Weiser, Albert -- 29th Mar-1-A
Weiss, Russell R. -- 29th Mar-2-E
Welch, Oliver R. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Weller, Charles F. -- 4th Mar-1-B
Wells, John W. -- 29th Marines
Wells, Kenneth D. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Wells, Marvin -- 4th Mar-2-F
Wells, Robert W. -- 29th Mar-Wpns
Welty, Wilbert R. -- 15th Mar-1-C
West, E. H. -- 22nd Mar-H&S
West, Robert E. -- 22nd Marines
Weston, Ralph D. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Westphal, Fred E. -- 6th Recon Co
Whalen, John W. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Wheatley, Harold C. -- 7th 155 Gun Bn
Whitaker, Richard A. -- 29th Mar-2-F
White, Henry W. -- 29th Marines
White, James E. -- 15th Mar-3-G
White, James S. -- 29th Mar-3-G
White, Richard -- 6th Jasco
White, Walter D. -- 22nd Mar-3-I
Whitfield, Charles -- 4th Mar-3-H&S
Whitmire, William M. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Whitten, Morris E. -- 15th Mar-2-HQ
Widdis, Duane E. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Widdowson, Roger G. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Wideman, William C. -- 6th Engineer Bn-B
Wilkes, Roy G. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Willborn, Bernard J. -- 6th Jasco
Willer, Richard H. -- 15th Mar-3-I
Willhite, Ted H. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Williams, James R. -- 6th Tank Bn-B
Williams, Leon B. Sr. -- 22nd Mar-1
Williams, Quinon O. -- 29th Mar-3-C
Williams, Robert E. -- 22nd Mar-2-E
Williams, William B. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Williamson, Clifford E. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Williamson, James G. -- 15th Mar-3-H&S
Williford, Clarence E. -- 4th Mar-1-A
Willis, Luther L. -- 6th Engineer Bn-C
Willman, Charles J. -- 22nd Mar-1-B
Wills, Ernest J. -- 6th Recon Co
Wills, Lester L. -- 6th Tank Bn-H&S
Wilson, Eugene F. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Wilson, James -- 4th Marines
Wilson, John P. Jr. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Wilson, William G. -- no record of unit
Wimpee, Guy F. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Winkleblack, Robert -- 22nd Mar-2-F
Winn, Clyde H. -- 4th Mar-2-G
Winne, John T. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Winter, M. M. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Wisnoski, Joseph A. -- 6th Pioneer Bn-B
Wojnicki, Edward J. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
Wolfe, Paul R. -- 4th Mar-2-E
Wood, Elmer J. -- 6th Mar Div-HQ-Signal
Wood, Halbert L. -- 4th Mar-3-K
Wood, James W. -- 4th Mar-3-I
Woodard, Jack C. -- 29th Mar-HQ
Woods, John M -- 22nd Mar-3-M
Woolley, John J. -- no record of unit
Workman, Tim G. -- 4th Mar-1-HQ
Wright, Bruce E. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Wright, Jay V. -- 4th Mar-H&S
Wright, Lemuel J. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Wright, Oren W. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Wright, Richard L. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Wrynn, John W. -- 4th Mar-3-L
Wurtenberg, Raymond C. -- 15th Mar-1-B
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Xindaris, James S. -- CBMU515/USN
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Yager, Ernest -- 29th Mar-1-B
Yahn, Henry L. -- 29th Mar-1-C
Yasinskas, Paul F. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Yaskevich, John M. -- 15th Mar-3
Yezierski, Alexander R. -- 15th Mar-4-M
Yokom, Richard A. -- 29th Mar-3-H
Yonan, Joseph Sr. -- 22nd Mar-3-K
York, Wallace E. -- 29th Mar-2-F
Youdis, Vincent P. -- 3rd Amphib Corps
Young, Charles R. -- 15th Mar-HQ-H&S
Young, Howard U. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Yunaites, John -- 22nd Mar-Wpns
Yunker, William F. -- 4th Mar-1-H&S
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Zacchini, Howard A. -- 22nd Marines
Zaorski, Joseph S. -- 6th Recon Co-HQ
Zapf, John J. -- 22nd Mar-2-G
Zaremba, Stanislaw R. -- 4th Mar-3-M
Zawislinski, Henry -- 15th Mar-2-H&S
Zaytoun, Joseph E. -- Service Troops
Zeffiro, Gabriel -- 29th Mar-2-F
Zegers, Woodrow J. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Zerby, Joseph J. -- 29th Mar-3-G
Zivney, Oliver K. -- Corpsevac#3, VMO6
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