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Featured News Story: Elegy in Okinawa
by Doug Struck, Washington Post, 20 July 2000

      Neal McCallum, 2015
    We know this is an old one, but it's just as interesting and relevant today as it was when it ran in 2000. Elegy in Okinawa tells the story of a 23-year old Japanese lieutenant, an 18-year old U.S. Marine (Neal McCallum, 29th Mar-2-F) and a 16-year old Okinawan school girl. All three were on Okinawa in April 1945 when the U.S. invasion began. All three survived the battle. And all three were back on the island in July 2000 when President Clinton visited the peace memorial that was built to commemorate the battle.

More News Stories

"They'd Just Fight Until You Killed Them"
by Pat Rice
Daytona Beach News-Journal
11 November 2015

Harry Bertram (29th Mar-3-I) was one of the lucky few who was neither wounded nor killed on Okinawa. For decades he didn't share his memories with anyone.

Veteran Tells Story of Three Buddies in Okinawa
by Jon Baker, New Philadelphia, Ohio
27 May 2013

Harry McKnight (29th Mar-3-H) talks about three Marines who became friends in Camp Lejeune. All three were in the Battle of Okinawa, but only two came home. The third won the Medal of Honor.

Jesse Thomas Honored at Parkesburg, PA Ceremony (abbreviated version)
by Chris Barber
Daily Local News
20 May 2013

Jesse Thomas (23nd Mar-2-G), the last surviving member of the team that raised the flag on Okinawa, gets special recognition at a Memorial Day ceremony in Parkesburg, PA.

Patriotism Then and Now
by Sam Petriello
Times Herald of Montgomery County, PA
11 November 2012

Sam Petriello (15th Mar-4-L) writes about the patriotism that animated the country during World War II and his hope that it will live on.

Calvin O'Rourke Helps Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive
by Kelly Farrell
14 August 2011

Calvin O'Rourke (22nd Mar-3-L) offers his tongue-in-cheek (we think) suggestion for how the U.S. should fight wars today.

Salute Veterans Like Charlie Behan
by Terry Frei
31 May 2010

A former member of the Detroit Tigers, Charlie Behan (29th Marines), played in the Football Classic on Guadalcanal on Christmas Eve 1944. He had an even bigger impact the following year in the invasion of Okinawa. Mortally wounded in the battle, he was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.