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Featured Story: On the Point of the Spear by James S. White (29th Mar-3-G)

      James S. White, 2015

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A Special Christmas Gift
by John McCulloch (22nd Mar-2-HQ)

A Chinese man's reaction to a stolen tree in Tsingtao makes a special Christmas memory.

The 29th Marines Take a Beating but Prevail
by Harry McKnight (29th Mar-3-H)

Casualties were high for the 29th Marines in the Battle of Okinawa.

Ben Prophitt Earns the Bronze Star
by Harry McKnight (29th Mar-3-H)

Harry McKnight shares his memory of the day Ben Prophitt earned the Bronze Star.

Every Picture Tells a Story
by Harry McKnight (29th Mar-3-H)

Sixth Marine Division Chaplain Harry McKnight shares a poignant tale of photos taken and pictures drawn on Okinawa.

Gourmet Rations
by Harry McKnight (29th Mar-3-H)

Harry McKnight finds a good use for his least favorite meal.

A Voice in the Night
by Harry McKnight (29th Mar-3-H)

His mother's voice wakes Harry McKnight from a deep sleep on Okinawa at just the right time.

Low Hills of Death: The Sixth Marine Division Turns South
by Bill Pierce (29th Mar-Wpns)

The Marines are hoping for a rest, but that's not what they get. Once again they are called in to do what the Army could not -- this time in the southern hills of Okinawa.

Wheels On.....or…..Wheels Off??
by Bill Pierce (29th Mar-Wpns)

A story that proves Marines are superhuman. And have a sense of humor.

Marines Return to Tsingtao with Charlie Two Shoes
by W. Don Sexton (4th Mar-3-L)

Don Sexton talks about the trip he took to Tsingtao, China in 2012 with fellow Marines and Charlie Two Shoes, a young Chinese boy the Marines adopted in 1946. He also reminisces about his time in Tsingtao.