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Featured Story: First Lt. David N. Schreiner USMC Reserve - Almost the Whole Story
by Harry Waterson

      David N. Schreiner, 1945
    In First Lt. David N. Schreiner USMC Reserve - Almost the Whole Story, Harry Waterson tells the story of a Marine Lieutenant in World War II. But the story is not complete. Lt. Schreiner was an All-American football player for the University of Wisconsin, and nearly every detail of his football career was recorded. However, much less is known about his service during the war. Waterson pieces together as much as he can, including Schreiner's promotion to CO of Co. A, 1st Bn., 4th Marines on Okinawa in early June 1945 and his death later that month as the battle neared its end.

    Waterson hopes that by telling Lt. Schreiner's story on this website, readers with more information will come forward and help him complete the story.

More Stories and Tributes

A Letter of Thanks
from Victor David Hanson

In honor of the Sixth Marine Division's 2013 Reunion in Quantico, Virgina, Victor Davis Hanson wrote a letter to the Veterans of the Sixth Marine Division. Hanson, an American military historian and columnist, was named after his uncle, Vic Hanson of Fox Company, who was killed on Okinawa on May 18, 1945.

Searching for My Dad's Buddies
by Bob McGowan

Robert W. McGowan (29th Mar-3-H) passed away in 1999. After he was laid to rest, his son, Robert W. (Bob) McGowan II, set out on a quest to find the men his father served with during WWII.

Like No Other Unit: Total Bad Asses
by Dan Banke, Captain USMC

Captain Banke writes about SSgt Jason Foust, a 12-year veteran of the Marine Corps whose uncle, Wiley Foust, was KIA on Guam in World War II. SSgt Foust has an extensive collection of Sixth Marine Division uniforms, which he shares with the latest generation of Marines, as well as the public. It's his way of keeping the memory of the Sixth alive.

Service, Humility and Integrity
by Carl Long

World War II enthusiast, Carl Long, tells us how he got started collecting WWII memorabilia and why he honors and remembers the sacrifices made by veterans of the Sixth Marine Division.