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Featured Video: Rise of the Valiant

    Rise of the Valiant tells the story of the Battle of Okinawa through the eyes of Sixth Marine Division combat veterans. Its creator is Bob Zimmerman, an independent filmaker whose father, Al Zimmerman, fought with the Sixth during the battle. Bob lets the Marines tell their stories, which begin with their induction into the Marine Corps and end with their homecoming after the war. But the focus is on Okinawa. Each Marine has something different to say, and they all combine for a moving and fascinating portrayal of the battle. The interviews, which are the highlight of the film, are supplemented with superb photos and newsreels of the battle.

    The film won the Marine Corps Heritage Award for Best Feature Documentary in 2015.
    Watch a trailer or purchase the DVD from R.A.Z. Films.
    You can also purchase the DVD on Amazon.

More Videos

The Sixth Marine Division on Okinawa

Color film documentary of the Sixth Marine Division on Okinawa in 1945,
as filmed by the Division's combat photographers.
(YouTube, 50 minutes)

Japan's Last Stand

Rare color film of the Battle of Okinawa
(YouTube, 10 minutes)

Tribute to Edgar "Punch" Parker

Documentary film about Edgar "Punch" Parker, a Marine who fought in the Battle of Okinawa.
(YouTube, 29 minutes)

Remembering the Brave

Musical tribute to fallen Marines by Jensen Sutta Photography
(5 minute video)